Saffron Walden

Our Lady of Compassion



RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)


RCIA is rooted in the Early Church; the Christian community welcomed those who wanted to find out more about Christianity by sharing their faith and beliefs with them. It is often described as a 'Journey in Faith', and is a unique, personal and different journey for every person.

The RCIA course run by this Parish is designed for anyone interested in finding out more about the Catholic Faith. In some cases this may lead to an individual being received into the Church, but in others it simply allows for a richer and deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Using several well-known models, the parish has developed a programme which we hope meets the needs of our own community. Each session only lasts an hour, but using a mixture of information-giving, facilitated discussion and reflection the course uses the Creed as a basis for understanding the Catholic Faith. Time is also spent exploring prayer, the sacraments, the Mass, the role of Mary in the Church, and Catholic devotions.

The course starts in September and runs through to Easter, when those who wish to are received into the Church at the Easter Vigil. It usually consists of around 15 Tuesday sessions which start at 20:00 and are usually in the Parish hall. There are a further 2 or 3 sessions after Easter to support those who have been received into the Church.

The course is run by the RCIA team which works together with Fr David. There is also a Diocesan RCIA team which provides support through suggested material and study days for the volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the RCIA programme and finding out more about the Catholic Faith, please contact Fr David Clemens.