Saffron Walden

Our Lady of Compassion


First Holy Communion


The sacrament of First Holy Communion is prepared for in the parish community as directed by the bishop.

The sacramental programmes are headed by Patricia Cobby and a team of catechists.

Each year, children who have reached the age of 8 (as of 31 August 2018) are prepared for First Holy Communion. The programme runs from October to May each year.

Please bear in mind that for children to be enrolled, they must be observant in the practice of their faith. They must be able to bless themselves and know the basic prayers, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. They must attend Mass on a regular basis and be known to Fr David. If the family attend Mass in another parish, then they should enrol their child in that parish to receive the Sacraments.

Applications for First Holy Communion must be made through Fr David, parish priest, who will then pass it on to appropriate catechistic team.

Once the children’s names have been collected, parents will be sent letters with the dates of the classes and what is expected of them.

The programme (downloadable timetable below) consists of:

At the Mass of Inception the children will receive a certificate, enrolling them onto the course and the parish get the chance to see them so that they can remember them in their prayers. There will also be a group photo of the children which is put up at the back of the Church to remind parishioners that the programme is happening. Parents will be asked to give consent for their child to be included in the photograph.

Enrolment for the programme 2017/18

Parents who wish their child to receive First Holy Communion in May 2018 should get an application form from Fr David Clemens or print off application and return to Fr David by Sun 24 September 2017. (Please note that an application does not guarantee enrolment).

There will be a meeting for the parents/guardians on Wednesday 17 September '17 in the Parish Hall at 20:00. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend.

Contact details: Ms Patricia Cobby (01799 501478)

Documents for download